Annual membership scholarship

At checkout, please select the price you can afford for an annual membership and complete the profile information.

This scholarship has been created to support LGBT+ people and allies to join the Fellowship where the $35 annual membership fee is not affordable. It has been specifically created to support young people, people from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds and people from developing nations in joining the Fellowship.

This is an option to support people who cannot afford membership and not as an option for people who disagree with the membership fee. If you would like to have a discussion about membership dues please contact the Fellowship.

Minimum price: $5.00

Find out more about pronouns and why they are important:



Membership with the LGBT+ Rotarians and Friends Fellowship is open to all Rotary and Rotaract members, spouses/partners and family of Rotary and Rotaract members, Rotary program participants, and Rotary alumni.

Membership connects you with other members of LGBT+ communities and allies within the Rotary family, allows you to join a committee to support Rotary in being an inclusive organisation, and gives access to our private members’ forum to discuss issues and things that matter to LGBT+ people in Rotary.