The purpose of the Friendship committee is to create a fellowship that is a safe, inclusive, understanding and welcoming community of Rotary Family that fosters goodwill and peace, and realising a world that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for LGBT+ people.


Core Responsibilities:

  • Grow Rotary awareness of and engagement with the Fellowship across the globe
  • Organise social and networking events for the Fellowship at the annual Rotary International Convention
  • Raise the Fellowship’s profile within Rotary International to increase engagement of LGBT+ members and allies.
  • Survey members (at least once annually) to see what people find valuable about the Fellowship, what could be improved and whether the Fellowship is meeting its strategic objectives
  • Deliver on actions under the strategic plan
  • Provide a report of committee activities to the Board of Directors at their monthly meetings

    Marketing Materials

    Download materials to spread awareness and engagement with the Fellowship across the globe.

    Friendship Blog

    Stories from our members and upcoming chances to connect.

    Celebrating Trans Awareness Week: Wen’s story

    一、Preface I met Wen-Yue through Rotary services a few years ago. What’s more special is that I accompany her to go through the second half of her new life. It is a very special life experience for both me and her and thence we develop a...

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    Celebrating trans awareness week: Claire’s story

    My name is Claire Slingerland. I am a Trans woman from the Netherlands. All my life I have been struggling with my feelings. I didn’t dare come out of the closet as I feared losing my family and my profession. But, at some point, I...

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    Celebrating Trans Awareness Week: Pedro’s story

    I believe that Rotary is a reflection of society, so it is difficult to dream of a very diverse Rotary in Brazil, since our country is in 1st place in the world ranking of LGBTphobic attacks. For the last 2 years, more and more Brazilian...

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    Celebrating Transgender Awareness Week: Skye’s story

    Celebrating Transgender Awareness Week: Skye’s story

    My name is Skye Lacy, I use they/them pronouns. I was introduced to Rotary through my father, who was introduced through his father. My dad is in Rotary Club of Ivanhoe, Australia. I myself have yet to settle down with one rotary club, preferring toparticipate in many...

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    Celebrating Trans Awareness Week: Amanda’s story

    To celebrate Trans Awarness Week we are sharing stories of transgender and gender diverse Rotary members. Hear from Amanda Traphagan from Austin Cosmopolitan Rotary in USA. Amanda speaks about Rotary needing to take action to prevent...

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    Celebrating Trans Awareness Week: Monica’s story

    My wife and I moved to Queenstown, New Zealand in 2001. In an effort to get to know people, she joined Rotary. I ended up going to so many Rotary functions that I thought I had better join her in Rotary. So I joined in 2003. I became the...

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    The LGBT Rotarians and Friends Fellowship is an international organisation with members from over 25 countries. We welcome new members from across the globe.

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